• Truck Records

Truck Records Limited was established back in 2007, and was truly a pioneer in the field. It’s creation came about to supply the Emergency vehicle market with a reliable and rugged Data Logger so that in the event of an accident or incident, it could be quickly established what had happened.

The company was set up by two individuals who had a large amount of experience in this field, having worked alongside the UK’s Fire Vehicle market for many years.

Initially Truck Record’s Data Logger consisted of a software programme installed onto the Scania Interactor series of on board computers, and naturally this limited the appeal of the product to the wider market.

It was therefore necessary to develop our own on board computer in order to be able to appeal to customers who were not necessarily Scania customers and also to be more competitively priced.

So in 2010, Truck Records introduced the AutoHub, and was able to provide a data logger for the first time that did not require a Scania computer.

Following the successful introduction of the AutoHUb, and responding to demand from the marketplace, Truck Records entered the world of on board CCTV systems for Fire Appliances, by utilising the spare capability of the AutoHub.

2015 saw the introduction too, of two new products to the market. Firstly, an enhanced version of the Data Analysing programme, known as “Glapp”. This new software enables users to be able to watch data and CCTV feedback simultaneously on the same timeline, in order, to provide the best possible analysis.

Secondly, 2015 witnessed the introduction of Birdview. This new camera system, eliminates blind spots by providing an aerial 360 degree view of your vehicle.