Birdview is simple to install, whether to new or existing vehicles. It is obviously preferential to fit the system when your vehicle is being built, but if you have an existing fleet of vehicles which you wish to re-equip, then this is simply not possible. To that end, Birdview is quick and easy to install, minimising the amount of time your vehicle is off the road.

We can install Birdview on your premises and with a simple mobile calibration system, set Birdview up on your individual vehicle. Should Birdview be then fitted to other vehicles on your fleet of the same basic specification there is no requirement to go through the calibration process, reducing the down time even further.

Data Logger

We have designed the Data Logger to be as easy as possible to install. Like Birdview it is always preferable to carry out this process during vehicle build, but because there is a large market for retrofitment too, it is vitally important Data Logger is still easy to fit when the vehicle has to be taken out of operations.

Data Logger simply taps into the CAN system of the vehicle, apart from the electrical supply and CAN connectors, there is no further wiring required. The logger can be supplied pre-programmed so that once the unit is plugged in, and a SIM card is inserted, it is ready to use.

The analysing software is also very simple to install and operate. We will provide the necessary training so that within a couple of hours you will be able to produce reports that will enable you to discover exactly what happened and when.

CCTV Systems

Installing a CCTV system depends on the sophistication of the specification you require. From a simple rear view camera and in cab monitor through to an eight camera system, including a hand held zoom camera, the installation will be carried out in the minimum time possible.

Truck Records aims to work closely with all body builders, tapping into their expertise in order to ensure a trouble free installation.

However, we can also provide our own team of installers when it is not possible to fit your equipment when the vehicle is being built. Ideally we would want to carry out this process on your premises in order to minimise the disruption, and therefore time and money.