• Thoreb IT Vehicles

Thoreb ITvehicle AB is situated in the north of Europe, in the middle of Sweden, and was established in 1999 as a subsidiary to AB Thoreb. The Company is privately owned, with the majority share holder being Thore Brynielsson, founder of AB Thoreb.

Our mission is to help our customers to design and manufacture smarter vehicles and machines. By using our computerized multiplex wiring systems it is possible to build safer, more flexible, reliable, and efficient vehicles, though in a shorter time.

We use proven Thoreb technology to find other markets than public transport. During the years we have been involved in many different projects from leisure boats to forest harvesters.

For fire appliances we have put our competence and systems together to a concept we call ELSY-Fire. We help our customer through the total process; from feasibility and design, onto building the first prototype with this technology, and finally implement it into serial production.

During more than a decade we have improved the way of building reliable and intelligent fire fighting vehicles.

In some projects we also work as consultants in programming of control systems.

AB Thoreb is world leading in IT solutions for the public transport sector. Thoreb has 25 years of experience within computerised multiplex wiring systems for buses.

Thoreb has customers with both ELSY and IT-radio all over the world. Thoreb have delivered ELSY systems to more than 20 000 vehicles over the years. About 25 different customers have bought our public transport information systems IT-radio and KomFram.