How a SID Data Logger works

The use of vehicle black boxes or data recorders is becoming more and more common.Whether it is for fleet analysis, or to enable new drivers to reduce their insurance premiums to an affordable level, the need to record data is growing.

Truck Records Limited designed and produced its Data Logger, known as the SDL Data Logger, as far back as 2007, right at the beginning of this trend specifically to deal with one of the most demanding environments in the UK Vehicle industry, the Fire Market.

To that end the Data logger has to be able to achieve a number of objectives. It has to be reliable. It has to be able to records many lines of data and it has to be easy to install. In addition to these requirements, Truck Records has added the major advantage of being able to store the data not on the vehicle itself, but remotely, on a secure server where it can stay in perpetuity until and unless it is required.

Therefore today’s SDL Data Logger is quite simply the most sophisticated and up to date black box there is. It’s current design and specification reflects the realities of the marketplace, and the actual needs and requirements of its customers.

SDL utilises the existing CAN wiring of the vehicle it is installed on, therefore no additional, costly, and potentially unreliable, wiring has to be installed, saving both time, and the inconvenience of regular re-calibrations.

SDL uses GPS for positioning data, for time and date stamps and for direction, maximising the potential accuracy, and along with the data you (the user) wishes to record, it provides a constant passive record of what your vehicle is or has been doing.

SDL can also tell you when a vehicle has exceeded a certain parameter, a simple example is speed. But others can be pre-programmed.

SDL’s installation could not be simpler too. Using an AutoHub, Truck Records’ on board computer, SDL is installed in the cab of your vehicle. AutoHUB can take the form of a video monitor so that it can also provide pictures, either from your CCTV system, Birdview, or simply a rear view camera, thus cutting down on product duplication and therefore cost.

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