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Truck Records Limited can supply a wide range of vehicle CCTV systems and digital video recorders to meet the varying needs of customer requirements.

It is a sad fact that vehicle crime both in terms of theft and attack are an everyday danger to operators and, in particular, to individual drivers. This has in turn led to a demand for vehicle CCTV cameras and recorders on vehicles to be able to capture these event on film both as a potential deterrent but also as a means to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Truck Records can provide a wide range of options to suit individual needs. This can vary from a simple rear view camera and monitor, through to an eight camera system including Birdview, a hand held zoomable camera and rear view camera to boot; each channel of which can be recorded on a Truck Records supplied DVR for future analysis if required, using either our own video software, or combined with GLAPP, our data analysing platform.

This means that Truck Records is the best company to talk to when it comes to discussing individual needs. We simply do not believe in one system fits all.

So you not only get a Vehicle CCTV installation that suits your individual requirements but also one that has been designed to work in the harsh environment which is vehicle operations. Put bluntly, you do not want to invest in a CCTV system which when called upon fails to deliver the goods. You want to be able to trust that when required you can rely on the equipment you have invested in.

That trust and peace of mind is what Truck Records delivers.

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